June 28, 2013

Southern Alberta has been hard hit by disastrous flooding

In last weeks flooding hundreds of homes and businesses have been severely damaged or completely destroyed. The heartbreak and financial hardship this is causing to so many Albertans right now is beyond belief.

Every little bit helps and this week for our Friday Wine Down we will be taking all donation and sending them to the Red Cross Alberta Floods Fund.

June 17, 2013

Longest Day of the Year Fundraiser - 5th Annual

The sun shone on us again this year. We were blessed and know that one day we won't be so lucky with the weather.

A new exciting venue was picked, mainly because of the insane parking prices last year. We set up for our 5th Annual Longest Day Fundraiser on the lovely Iona Jetty, Richmond. We picked this location, because of the view of open ocean. Which you can see from the beach as well as the 4km Jetty. Amazing bird life all around, dogs are welcome and free parking !

More pictures can be view at: http://on.fb.me/13ZaTSN
Thank you to everyone who attending in supporting
The Travel Group and the Vancouver Downtown East Side
with our 5th annual event.

Unfortunaly this year Marie from Insight toWellness was not able to give us our pre-race stretch, but we hope she will be able to join us next year.
Zahida was the first to cross the finish line after an 8km run.

Followed very quickly by our fastest walker, Carol.
It was the longest walk event we've done at 5 km

This year we had the most consistence enter for Sexy Shorts!
Karen took the prize again with her sexy coral shorts.
Nicole took the runner up prize with her
psychedelic black and white shorts

Thank you to everyone who attending in supportingThe Travel Group and the Vancouver Downtown East Side
with our 5th annual event.
Mark your calendars for next year - June 22nd 2014
With a prize for "Best Hat"

June 15, 2013

Air Canada introduces new menus

Thank you to Edna with Air Canada, and Jason with Australian Pacific Touring (APT) for being our flight attendants, while having a little bit of fun at our Friday wine down.