June 26, 2016

Longest Day - 8th annual

It was another successful Day!

With the attendance of about 65 people, everyone was very generous to our charities, helping us raise over $1400. This year we invited our charities to speak. And we were honored to have 3 come to represent. 

Eva & Meghan from WISH Drop in Centre. WISH Drop-in Centre helps to improve, the healthy, safety and well being of women who are involved in the Vancouver street-based sex trade.

Arlene & Dee Dee from Saint James Music Academy. SJMA belives in the power and the joy of music to change lives.
Keryn from the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre which provides a safe space for women and children.

Our luck will run out with the weather at some point, but this was not the year!  It was a blue sky with some fast moving clouds, and a breeze to keep us all cool while we ran or walked out the jetty.

Marie, starting things off with a yoga stretch including a Haka (traditional war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori people of New Zealand) She never fails to come up with something fun !
Andrew from Forbes Travel came in first, crossing the finish line with a time of 40:40, followed by the fastest walker, his co-worker, Lisa.

We added a new prize for the fastest female runner, and Kemi from North South Travel took the winning spot with a time of 49:55.
Another new addition this year was the "Team Spirit" award. We had 5 teams enter this year, some standing out more than others. 

"Forbulous" - Forbes Travel International
"Jetsetters" - North South Travel
"Westjetters" - WestJet Airlines
"Dreamliners....Cuz we fly it" - Air Canada
"We kNOSE Travel" - The Travel Group

North South took the win with their matching shirts and a large team of 9.

The wildest hat is always a very hard prize to pick, each year the hats get better, but sometimes the simple ones can win too! Cindy and Michael with their simple paper hats and Regine with her gold gladiator hat took the win!

It was another year of great success, and I am already planning 2017 !
We look forward to seeing you again next year ! 
~ Colleen

A special thanks to our 2016 sponsorsCapilano suspension bridge for their day passes, Park'n Fly, Trooper for their signed CD & Photo. Manulife for their donation. The Listel Hotel for a gift certificate, and EpricRides for ride passes. And The Fairmont Waterfront & The Travel Group for donating for the Team Spirit award.