December 6, 2017

Cooking for a Cause

Season's greetings from The Travel Group!

In lieu of Christmas treats, we're created a travel-themed recipe book for you !

For every view, The Travel Group will donate $1* to the Saint James Music Academy on your behalf.

View the recipe book.

December 5, 2017

2017 Holiday

For every Travel Group Recipe Book given out during the 2017 holiday season,  $1 will be donated to the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. The charity of choice this year is: 

Saint James Music Academy believes in social transformation through the power and love of music. Through the inspiration and joy of collaborative music making within the framework of their orchestras and choirs. They give young people of the Downtown Eastside the opportunity to explore their creative potential, gain self-confidence, get an academic head start, and become role models within their families and community.

June 13, 2017

2017's Longest Day fundraiser was a giant success !

It was another successful year!

With the attendance over 110 people, we raised almost $3,000 for the Saint James Music Academy. A special shout out to Tony at Article for getting his company to raise $800 themselves.
Arlene, Dee Dee & Mel were on site to talk a little bit about Saint James Music Academy. SJMA feeds, inspires and provides emotional support for children and young people in "Canada's poorest postal code." It is a great privilege to be able to support this tremendous organization.
It was blue sky with some fast moving clouds for most of the day, a breeze to keep us cool while we ran or walked out the jetty.
Marie, starting things off with a yoga stretch including a Haka (traditional war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori people of New Zealand) She never fails to come up with something fun !

Peter from Globus was the fastest runner this year with a time of 34 minutes, but Duncan & Andrew were quick on his heels. The fastest women was Emma, coming all the way from Squamish for the event. Tony, a new comer took the win for the fastest walker with a time of 48 minutes.
Last year we introduced the "Team Spirit" award. The number of entries more than double in attendance. The "Outsetters" took first place with their matching palm palm headbands, but we couldn't just have one winner. The "Wander Women" were also given a prize with their matching tiara's and playful flying along the walk. 
The wildest hat is always a very hard prize to pick, each year the hats get better. Kevin took the win with his snaky hat. But the Hershey's Kiss, and the mad hatter were close seconds.

A special thanks to all the 2017 sponsors. (Listing above)
It was another year of great success, and we already planning 2018 !
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~ Colleen .

June 4, 2017

Night Shift, 10th Anniversary Golf fundraiser

For the last thirteen years, with volunteer and donor support, NightShift has been able to provide community outreach programs including serving ho meals, clothing and blankets, individual care packages, counselling, basic medical care, and access to recovery in Surrey. 

Including a trip consultation vouchers, The Travel Group contributed a silent auction item to help NightShift raise money to help support people in need in our community.

May 27, 2017

10th Anniversary Mesothelioma Golf Tournament Fundraiser

It's hard to believe that on Friday, May 26th at Northview Golf & Country Club BCICA hosted their 10th Anniversary Mesothelioma Golf Tournament Fundraiser, and what a tournament it was ! 

Great weather, fantastic treats on the holes and an astonishing $53,559.14 raised in just one day !

February 2, 2017

Thanks from Covenant House

We got this in the mail today !

January 24, 2017

Thanks from the Food Bank

We got this in the mail today, it's a cute way to say thanks !