December 11, 2014

Chocolates for Charities

For every chocolate we give this year,  $1 will be donated to our Vancouver Downtown Eastside charities. The charities we've picked from  2014 are:

Covenant House. The Covenant House helps to provide essential services for homeless and runaway youth aged 16-24.
Saint James Music Academy. Saint James music academy believes in social transformation through the power and love of music. Through the inspiration and joy of collaborative music making within the framework of their orchestras and choirs. They give young people of the Downtown Eastside the opportunity to explore their creative potential, gain self-confidence, get an academic head start, and become role models within their families and community.

Potluck Café. By choosing Potluck we're supporting a social enterprise who provides training and employment opportunities for the DTES residents. Potluck prepares 30,000 free meals per year for people in the neighbourhood in addition to a community kitchen program.

W.I.S.H. is a foundation that helps increase the health, safety and well-being of women involved in the survival sex trade in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES). Women come to W.I.S.H. to attend to their basic needs. A hot meal, showers, clothing or referrals for health care, shelter and detox support.

H.A.V.E. The HAVE Culinary Training Society is a culinary training school that provides food service job training and work opportunities to individuals in Vancouver who experience barriers to employment. HAVE's students are youth and adults facing barriers that may include mental and physical disabilities, poverty, addiction, age, ESL and homelessness.

December 1, 2014

A Special Delivery

Printing and postage costs saved through this e-card have been donated to our

November 24, 2014

Grand Cariboo Opry 2014

It was another energetic fun filled night for the 8th Annual #GrandCaribooOpry.
Sponsored by The Potluck Café to raise money for the Vancouver Downtown East Side #dtes.
There are always so many talented artists for this event. Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall, Kendel Carson, Ridley Bent, Matt Masters, Wendy Bird, Angela Harris, Geoff Hicks, Rob Becker, Eric Reed, Scott Smith and special guests.
This year’s special guests were the very talent Colin James as well as the lovely Jill Barber. What a great addition !! We hope to see them again next year !
Thank you everyone for another spectacular night.

August 13, 2014

Golf Tournament - door prize

Another year & another golf tournament !

This year The Travel Group donated a suitcase full of things to help make your vacation go smooth! A collapsible travel bag, a travel journal, & collapsible reusable water bottle were among some of the few things included.
~ Good luck

June 30, 2014

Longest Day fundraiser - 6th Annual

Again, we lucked out with the weather! Cloudy skis, but nice and warm with no chance of rain.
Thank you to everyone who attended in supporting The Travel Group and the Vancouver Downtown East Side. We raised $500 towards our charities.
Colleen started things off with a welcome and thank you to everyone whom helped her organizing the event. Thank you to Lawrence from Starbuck for the coffee and Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar for the gift prizes.
David followed by telling everyone which charities we'd be supporting this year, WISH, The Potluck Café, and a new one of Saint James Music Academy.
It was great to welcome back Marie from Insight to Wellness, she did a pre race stretch and then we were off.
Alisha was the first to cross the finish line, as the fast runner or the group, with a time of 38:00. 
Most of our walkers were doing a lot of socializing along the way so Joan took the prize with a time of 50:28.
When Clarissa walked up sporting a Viking hat, it was a sure win for her, until Darren put on his Turkish hat and tied up the "wild hat" category.
There were so many sexy shorts that Tara and Karen both took a prize. Tara with colourful girly shorts with fringe. And Karen in her silver metallic shorts and an "I hate running" tee completed her outfit.
The dogs ran and played with their new squeaky toys, with snacks and great conversation to round out the day.

Thank you everyone for your efforts and coming out this year, we hope to see you next year.


June 20, 2014

Helping Luka in a battle against cancer

The son of Regine's friend, a young man of 22, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. A rare primary bone cancer that targets children teens and young adults.
The money raised today at #WineDown will be donated to Lukas to help him in his fight against cancer.

May 9, 2014

Vinaka Fiji Yasawa Trust Foundation

Carmen is heading off to Fiji !!

While she is in Fiji she will be visiting the Yasawa Islands.

With the money collected today at Friday Wine Down, Carmen will purchase pencils, papers and supplies for the children on the Yasawa Islands.
Making a difference to the lives of local Yasawa villagers

Fiji's Yasawa Islands are home to 27 villages living below world standards of health and poverty. The Vinaka Fiji Trust was set up to give something back to the villagers and to say “thank you (vinaka), for welcoming us into your islands.”
Through fundraising and volunteering, Vinaka Fiji aims to improve the provision of basic needs and amenities, often taken for granted in modern society, yet missing from village life in the Yasawas.

March 21, 2014

CPDNYI Mexico Mission Event

Help the CPDNYI youth raise money to go on a mission trip.
The team will be working at an orphanage in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico.

Friday March 14th 2014
The Travel Group donated a suitcase full of trinkets for their silent auction, as well as all the money collected on the Friday wine down to purchase socks and undies to take for the kids.

March 14, 2014

Mesothelioma Golf Tournament

Our clients are at it again, this time fundraising towards the Western Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation, with their 7th annual Golf Tournament.

The BCICA (British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association) Golf Tournament is taking place Friday May 30th 2014. It is not too late to register!
The Travel Group does not have any avid golfers to put up to the golfing challenge so we supported this year with a suitcase full of trinkets for the silent auction.


March 11, 2014

BC Women's Hospital NICU

This week for Friday's #WineDown we helped raise money for the BC Women's Hospital NICU because of inspiration from Matteo.
Matteo was born at the beginning of December and has been in the NICU ever since. Needless to say, family is spending countless hours in the facility praying and willing this little guy to get better. In this time they have see the serious lack of supplies.
For example there are not enough glider chairs or any chairs for that matter for the moms to sit in while cuddling their babies.  Nursing pillows which make it comfortable for mom and baby are, as one nurse called them, "gold, if you can get one". The covers, that they have over the baby beds so that it makes the room a little darker for the babies, are old and they need new ones. Such simple things that we would expect would be readily available for the moms and babies are not.  

This week we are raising money so that the moms and babies, can be a little more comfortable while they being taken care of at the NICU.

March 1, 2014

We Do This Together - Trivia Night

Now is your chance to show off all those random things you know with the 9th annual Trivia Night for Our Lady of the Assumption School
Supporting family is also part of the fundraising goals at The Travel Group, and this event is in support of Colleen.
The Travel Group has donated some trinkets for a table door prize as well as a suitcase for a live auction!
This year Our Lady of the Assumption School is raising money for seismic upgrades needed to their school to keep Ella (Colleen's niece) and all the kids safe in case of an earthquake.

February 19, 2014


Research is the foundation of advancements for early detection and improved treatment options. BC is home to a world class research organization and with everyone's efforts, Workout to Conquer Cancer will enable major discoveries that will help revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in the future.

On March 8, 2014 Janna (former Travel Group employee) will be participating in a day long fitness fundraising event to help make a difference in the lives of over 24,000 British Columbians whom have been diagnosed with cancer this year.  In efforts to help her raise money, The Travel Group has donated a suitcase for her to raffle off at her fundraising event.

For more information visit her Team Page