March 11, 2014

BC Women's Hospital NICU

This week for Friday's #WineDown we helped raise money for the BC Women's Hospital NICU because of inspiration from Matteo.
Matteo was born at the beginning of December and has been in the NICU ever since. Needless to say, family is spending countless hours in the facility praying and willing this little guy to get better. In this time they have see the serious lack of supplies.
For example there are not enough glider chairs or any chairs for that matter for the moms to sit in while cuddling their babies.  Nursing pillows which make it comfortable for mom and baby are, as one nurse called them, "gold, if you can get one". The covers, that they have over the baby beds so that it makes the room a little darker for the babies, are old and they need new ones. Such simple things that we would expect would be readily available for the moms and babies are not.  

This week we are raising money so that the moms and babies, can be a little more comfortable while they being taken care of at the NICU.

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