January 6, 2012

Candy for a Cause - Grace Rwanda

Approximately 5 years ago The Travel Group made the decision to dispose of the Christmastrinkets they gave out on sales calls and created the “Chocolate for Charity.” This has evolved over the years to “cookies for cause” and this year “candy for a cause.”  

This year, for every candy that agents gave out during sales calls, The Travel Group donated $1.50 to their charity of the agents choice.

This charity was the pick for Karin and Michele.  Michele choose this charity as it is a client of hers, and The Travel Group's. It is a charity he holds close to his heart and over the years Michele has booked him and others to Rwanda to help with this cause. The genocide in Rwanda is still so real and there are so many people and orphans still dealing with the after effects of the tragedy. This country has so much potential for tourism and only with outside help, can they get back on their feet and put their country back on the map for tourism which will help their economy and in the end help these victims.

Grace Rwanda Society was founded in response to the events in Rwanda of 1994. In 100 days between April 6th to July 4th, genocide claimed the lives of approximately one million people. Grace Rwanda Society’s response is a commitment to supporting education for Rwanda’s young people. They believe that with education, Rwanda’s young people will continue to educate themselves and others, helping to create and sustain peace in Rwanda and in the world.  The core values are compassion, accountability, respect, and empowerment.

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