January 24, 2012

Candy for a Cause - Under the Same Sun

Approximately 5 years ago The Travel Group made the decision to dispose of the Christmas trinkets they gave out on sales calls and created the “Chocolate for Charity.” This has evolved over the years to “cookies for cause” and this year “candy for a cause”

This year, for every candy that agents gave out during sales calls, The Travel Group donated $1.50 to their charity of choice.

Under the Same Sun was a popular charity to support this year. Cathy, Carmen, Clarissa, Laura, Grace, David, Naomi, Martha & Lindy all decided to have a portion of their charity money go towards it.
A client who is hugely involved with Under the Same Sun are clients of Martha, David, and The Travel Group. He travels to Tanzania on a regular basis and is making a giant effort to change what is happening.

Lindy chose Under the Same Sun as her charity of choice this year because she was horrified to find out that people with Albinism are being hunted in Tanzania.  They are mutilated, or even worse, murdered so their body parts can be sold.  These albino body parts are even being exported out of Tanzania to other parts of the world.  How can this be happening in the 21st century? 

Under The Same Sun (UTSS) Fund is a Canadian charity that helps to improve the lives of people with Albinism by establishing a resource center in Tanzania.  Their focus is advocacy, education, health care, and community support. 

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