January 15, 2012

Candy for a Cause - WISH

Approximately 5 years ago The Travel Group made the decision to dispose of the Christmas trinkets they gave out on sales calls and created the “Chocolate for Charity.” This has evolved over the years to “cookies for cause” and this year “candy for a cause”

This year, for every candy that was given out during sales calls, The Travel Group donated $1.50 to their charity of choice.  Tara and Anne-Marie made the choice to donate their money to the WISH foundation. They feel it is important to support the local charities first. This is a situation these ladies definitely did not choose willingly and they need to be helped out of their situation.

WISH is operated by women for the exclusive use of female survival sex workers, the WISH Drop-In Centre Society is a registered non-profit society that furnishes a variety of services within a nurturing and non-judgemental environment.

In addition to meeting essential needs by serving nutritious, hot meals, providing showering facilities, dispensing make-up, hygiene items, and clothing, WISH offers on-site nursing care, referrals to detoxification centres, rehabilitation houses, and shelters for upwards of 120 women per night. Our programs, including Literacy and a Learning Centre have been hugely successful in providing opportunities to participants to engage in positive, empowering activities in a safe place.

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